The Texas World Fish Decoy Carving Championship

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Rules from 2003

From Last year see 2004 rules to enter April 2, 3 and 4 2004 contest!

2003 Texas World Fish Decoy Carving Championships Rules

I. 6-7" swimmer. Made after 7/4/02. One entry per carver. Judging based 75% on appearance and 25% on swimming.
* Unpainted natural wood grain.
* Trim paint ok.
* Wood burning ok.

II. Top 25 places are purchase awards. You don't get them back.

* First - $250 cash, Ribbon and the Texas World Championship Trophy.
* Second - $200 cash, Ribbon and the Texas World Championship Second Place Trophy.
* Third - $150 cash, Ribbon and the Texas World Championship Third Place Trophy.
* Fourth through Tenth - $75 cash each and a Ribbon.
* Eleventh through Twenty-fifth - $50 cash each and a Ribbon.

III. Stillwater Prize for creative rule bending. A $100 purchase award for the most interesting misunderstanding or subversion of the contest rules. All in good fun. One to four winners at contest holder's discretion.

IV. The Texas Worlds exist as a Synergistic (maybe parasitic, ha) attachment to the John Jensen National Fish Decoy Competition to be held in Perham, MN, April 4, 5 and 6, 2003. Entries will be accepted until April 5 when the show judging opens.

The contest and the prizes are real. All Judges decisions will be final. The tongue in cheek nature of this event allows us to state that there will be no whining, yelling or getting even. In no way are John Jensen, Jensen Promotions, Rod Osvold or the good people of Minnesota responsible for anything that goes wrong.

V. Mail ins are encouraged. Send them to Bryan Tindall, 1700 Blufftop Cr. Round Rock, TX 78681.

Questions can be directed to . Please include return postage if you don't wish to donate them to the collection.

See y'all there! Bryan

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